Private Zoom Session 1 hour


This is a full session which will be done for 1 hour. This gives us more time to do a deeper cleansing. If you’re looking for a lighter approach, then you may want to consider a half 30-minute session instead.

Zoom sessions are best for:

  1. Mental issues
  2. Physical issues
  3. Removing subconscious blocks to improve your life and/or business

They include:

· one of the most powerful healing tools

Inner child
· removing negative patterns from the past to feel and function better in the present

· relating to the body, especially distincting it from the mind
· reconnecting the mind and body
· removing subconscious patterns from the body

Belief Integration
· our 5 senses are filtered by our beliefs
· remove negative belief patterns and insert positive beliefs

Vagus nerve
· clear the vagus nerve of stress patterns

These sessions are conducted virtually using the Zoom video conferencing platform and can be conducted with video or just audio.

Please note: A lot of the work with Austin is done inwardly and starts as soon as you commit to a session. Must cancel before 24 hours or 50% forfeited. Must be at session within 15 mins or 50% forfeited.

3 session package – $499 contact me

*Call or text to schedule a time for an appointment
+1 (808) 202-7632

Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).