Hello.  My name is Austin I am from the Hawaiian Islands currently on the island of Oahu with my beautiful wife Kai and 3 kids. I was born on Oahu but was raised on the Garden island of Kauai till I was 18 years of age.  After that, I moved to Oahu for schooling and my family soon followed me. My father a Japanese man raised in Oakland and my mom a Korean woman from Korea had met on the Hawaiian Islands and I was created in love. In our household it was broken Korean English, perfect English, and pidgen English as our form of communication. On Oahu I had a lot of experiences that let me down a difficult path but with the grace of god I was led down a path of healing and love.  My roots had reached the pits of hell but with a lot of faith I was able to grow my branches towards the heavens.  I am always striving to learn more about how to spread love and aloha around my life and have been blessed with amazing people along the way.  I had been a respiratory therapist at Kaiser Moanaloa for 10 years helping people breathe.  Then meeting Dr.  Peter Goldman and the “Zone Technique”; and Christopher P. Scott with his breathing, emotion, and somatic work I grew towards healing and god as I understand him/her.  I continue to look for new ways to grow and share healing and love with others.  I am thrilled to start helping people on the deepest level I understand to bring balance back to their daily lives.  With every new experience I grow towards a deeper devotion to the universe and hope to shift as many lives as I can.

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