Private Zoom Session 30 min


This is a half session which will be done for 30 minutes. This gives us enough time to address most of your concerns. If you’re looking for deeper cleansing, then you may want to consider a full 1-hour session instead.

Zoom sessions are best for:

  1. Mental issues
  2. Physical issues
  3. Removing subconscious blocks to improve your life and/or business

They include:

· one of the most powerful healing tools

Inner child
· removing negative patterns from the past to feel and function better in the present

· relating to the body, especially distincting it from the mind
· reconnecting the mind and body
· removing subconscious patterns from the body

Belief Integration
· our 5 senses are filtered by our beliefs
· remove negative belief patterns and insert positive beliefs

Vagus nerve
· clear the vagus nerve of stress patterns

These sessions are conducted virtually using the Zoom video conferencing platform and can be conducted with video or just audio.

Please note: A lot of the work with Austin is done inwardly and starts as soon as you commit to a session. Must cancel before 24 hours or 50% forfeited. Must be at session within 15 mins or 50% forfeited.

*Call or text to schedule a time for an appointment
+1 (808) 202-7632

Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).