Hello, my name is Austin. I am from the Hawaiian islands and live on the island of Oahu with my beautiful wife Kai and 3 kids. I was born on Oahu but was raised on the Garden island of Kauai till I was 18 years of age. After that, I moved to Oahu for schooling and my family soon joined me. My father is Japanese, he was raised in Oakland and my mother is Korean who came from Korea. They met on the islands and I was created from their love. In our household it was broken Korean English, perfect English, and pigeon English as our form of communication. On Oahu, I had a lot of experiences that led me down a difficult path but by the grace of God I was led down a path of healing and love. My roots had reached the pits of hell but with a lot of faith I was able to grow my branches towards the heavens. I am always striving to learn more about how to spread love and aloha around my life and have been blessed with amazing people along the way.

I was a respiratory therapist at Kaiser Moanalua for 10 years helping people breathe. Then after meeting Dr. Peter Goldman and the “Zone Technique”; and Christopher P. Scott with his breathing, emotion, and somatic work I grew towards healing and God as I understood him/her. I continue to look for new ways to grow and share healing and love with others. I am thrilled to start helping people on the deepest level that I understand to bring balance back to their daily lives. With every new experience I grow towards a deeper devotion to the universe and hope to shift as many lives as I can.