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Enhance your meditation experience with these 5 tips: 

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When visualizing, try to create a vivid image and engage all your senses. Paint a picture in your mind: notice the colors, scent, taste, texture and sounds. Most importantly, FOCUS ON YOUR FEELINGS! Allow yourself to feel all the feelings you are evoking. Listening to the same meditation multiple times will actually attract this energy into your life. When your conscious mind tells your subconscious mind the same thing over and over again, your thought becomes your reality. Whatever your imagination conjures up, good or bad, your subconscious mind receives it as if it were happening in that moment; your brain doesn't even distinguish between what you imagine and what is real. When you really understand that your mind works this way, you know that you have the power to be the change you wish to see. So when you repetitively visualize yourself acquiring positive qualities, your subconscious mind will seek out circumstances to make it your reality...this also means that when you focus on negative aspects, you will get more of them as well. Whatever you believe, you perceive. It's your choice. So choose wisely. 

Be creative, be consistent & believe in yourself! 

how  to get the most out of visualizations:

1. Use headphones when listening to my guided meditations.

I use brainwave entrainment technology as my background audio so it is most effective when heard on headphones. 
2. Find a comfortable seat: If you are sitting on the floor, use blankets & pillows to support yourself. If you have back pain, sit against a wall or in chair, just make sure you can sit up straight so that you are alert & not tempted to doze off.
3. Quiet & dark rooms will help you get in the zone much easier. Enhance your experience even more by creating a special spot just for meditating. You can fill it with candles, incense, crystals...you know, all the cliche hippie things. 
4. Don't look at your phone/emails/social media before sitting. It's distracting. 
5. Drop all expectations & let the experience be whatever it may be.