Working with me in a one-on-one environment, you will experience a yoga session molded to what your specific energy needs in that moment. I will intuitively guide you to what will bring balance back to your mind, body and soul. Sessions may include breath-work, meditation, and a yoga sequence.

Introducing your company to the incredible benefits of meditation and yoga will increase office morale and productivity. You will see stress levels decrease and innovative ideas increase. I teach simple techniques and tools that make meditation accessible to anyone who desires to learn.

Private Yoga Sessions

Restorative yoga is all about entering a deep state of relaxation. You will eliminate cortisol (that nasty stress hormone) stored in your body and heal from the negative effects it has been wrecking on your life (tension, pain, anxiety etc). We will use multiple bolsters, blocks, and pillows to support your body into a "shape." This practice is suitable for EVERY BODY.  Restorative yoga will leave you feeling completely at ease

Company Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga Workshops